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Quranic Miracles/ The Universe expnsion َAhmed Rouas


Among the the universal facts and scientific discoveries that the Holy Quran clearly mentioned was the expansion of the universe. And its instability since its existence. The Holy Quran say in the chapter Athaariaat :”
“AND IT IS We who have built the universe with [Our creative] power; and, verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it.” Translation Muhammed Assad
“  With power and skill did We construct the Firmament: for it is We Who create the vastness of space”
Yusuf Ali
What does this Aya verbaly means in Arabic language? and how should it be translated, I say this because I see Lack of preciseness   in some translations, the original Arabic text speaks clearly about the following unavoidable facts,1 the sky or space 2 constructing or building up 3 power involved in such “operation”4 thecontinuous  expansion. Nobody who has any knowledge of Arabic language would miss these basic words in this Aya. Now do all the Quran translations reflect these basic information in this Aya the answer is no! because of the fact that many of the Holy Quran translators translate the meaning that they understand from the text, hence when they are confronted with certain Ayats that speak about facts that they never heard of, or they are beyond their concept and imagination, they will try to find a logical explanation. In other words, If the translator of the Holy Quran has no idea about the discovery of the expansion of the universe, he or she wouldn’t see it in the tex, even if it was crystal clear! Simply, because their mind is completely occupied with other totally different concept.  or imagination. This attitude even happens to our more  stern and keen means of observation such as our senses  . When one’s mind is totally preoccupied with certain things, his eyes may fail to see clear objects or persons. same thing could be said about many Ayats of the Quran. That is why it is very important to reflect the verbal meanings of the actual words and verbs in the Holy Quran. And for those who are expecting from the Quran to mention the latest discoveries in clear and unshakable meanings I say such thing is contrary to the nature of things and also to the message of the Quran, because the Holy Quran is not a science text book, it is rather a guidance for the people of the world, and those scientific indications are but signs in the way nothing more. Because those same discoveries had them been explain in details by the time of the revelation they would had been the mean obstacles in the way of people to believe. For example who would believe in the time of the revelation that we don’t actually  see stars but only their light! And we only see their places that they were in some time ago! it could be a thousand years ago! If billions of people even today had no idea of this thing how would  anybody believe in such discovery 1400 years ago?! That could have been a deadly overdose for those people, the science accumulation is built up step by step, and it grows with the add-delete system. So, we should not blame the Holy text of the Quran for the limited understanding of the translators of certain scientific phenomenon. Or even the Arab and Muslim commentators, for the Quran translations and comments  reflect very often the limited knowledge of these explanations more certainly than reflecting the vastness  of the Holy Quranic horizons . However , many of the Quranic scientific insinuations and hints are so clear that place the contemplator of its original text on the cliff of a premature discoveries. Such lucidity and clarity in Quranic text show the explanation of old commentators as if they were aware of the recent discoveries of the modern times! Here is an example from a prominent  13th century commentator  named Ibnu Kather on his commenting on the following Aya: “ 
  . وَالسَّمَاء بَنَيْنَاهَا بِأَيْدٍ وَإِنَّا لَمُوسِعُونَ 
With the power and skill did We construct the Firmament: for it is We Who create the vastness of Space.
Allah most Exalted , drawing attention to his creation to the above and below worlds, says that He built the sky by making it a protected firmament with absolute power, and We are expanding it : means: We expanded its sides and horizons and we exalted it without pillars till it became like you see it.”
 Although this comments of his does not seem to contradict the present scientific  perspective of the universe as we describe it today, but we can clearly notice  that he couldn’t escape from his personal concept of the universe of the time, such deficient concept  resorted him to jump over a very important fact in the text. Which is the unusual shifting from the past tense course to the present continuous course: expanding, broadening, widening! In the same unremitting context?
His motive is justifiable, for the scientific discoveries of the time wasn’t going along with the Holly Quran prophesies and facts. And it was almost impossible for anyone to exceed his time and declare the discovery of the expansion of the universe.
Such Quranic fact remained concealed for centuries till the modern scientific discoveries unveiled it.      
How did the story of expansion of the universe started?
The first sign and indication of this  discovery belongs to the Austrian scientist Doppler who noticed that sounds seeme to be of higher pitch when the listener and the source of the sound were approaching and coming close to each other, and of lower pitch when they are moving away from one  other. In other words, he observed that the sound vibrations and waves emitted from a fast train, reach the listener -in a static position- in a accumulative sequence shape , it increases till it reaches its pick  at the equivalent site with the observer. As soon as the train starts to leave this particular position, those same sound vibrations altered from strength to weakness. Eventually, he noticed in his later researches that the light waves surprisingly act in similar manner. When light waves are   zooming toward you, their  light waves squeezed together. You see these light waves as having a higher frequency than normal. And you see them blue. Since blue is at the high-frequency end of the visible spectrum,
Contrary to this phenomenon is when light is zooming away from the observer, you see these waves as having a lower frequency, and you see them red , in other words, the more squeezed light waves are, the more they look blue, and the more stretched they are, the more they look red .
In this way, a new mechanism to measure the remote distances in the universe emerged. And Doppler was able to conclude that most of  galaxies  are moving away from us.

Later on Slipher came to reassure the same outcome, and by 1925 he could observe 40 galaxies zooming away from each other. Then were followed by the prominent American physician Edwin Hubble1929 who confirmed that the velocity of galaxies away from each other and from our galaxy ( the milky way) is equivalent to their distances from us. In other words, the more distanced the galaxies are away from us , the faster they are moving away. In 1934, and together with his colleague Milton Hummason in Wilson mountain telescope in California, they published their discovery. Hubble was the first to discover that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. i.e. Its velocity is not in steady pace but alters in accordance with time and place. Hence, it is one of the greatest manifestations of Quranic miracles is to find clear indication of such discovery in the Holly Quran. In fact, one is astonished as he put some Ayats that describe the time of the creation of the universe and its following stages together. and then compare them to the scientific achievement in this regard to find out a total match and perfection, despite the fact that the way this universe came to being from nonentity remains folded in the prescience, no man can imagine its reality. However, he can conclude it because there is simply no other possibility. 
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  3. و بدوري أشكر جهدك في توسيع دائرة قراء مقالاتي من خلال ترويجك لها في نطاقات أوسع، فمجال الإعجاز العلمي في القرآن الكريم و السنة الشريفة لمن أخصب المواضيع في عصرنا، و تحتاج دراسته مزيدا من التعمق و البحث بعيدا عن الإقحام و التكلف، ومزيدا من الالتزام بالقواعد العامة التي تضبط الفهم على مستوى الخطاب القرآني و أبعاد مراده الرباني.
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